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Thursday, February 8, 2018


8th Feb 2018

Since last posting on my blog I have had a new great grandaughter, which is such a great blessing. Unfortunatley they live rather a long way from us, so it'll be a while before we meet her. I'm mega proud, though, of my grandson and his wife who are such a loving couple and can't wait until we see them . 
Also, yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my dear mum's death. I miss her more as time goes on. Will that continue?

Anyway on with the six sentence story.
Today the prompt is "pitch" ...
Let me know what you think...


"I've been driving for hours now and my eyes are closing, so we'll just have to stop and pitch the tent here," Tony said, pulling off the road and into what appeared to be a small open space nestled in woods and situated below a mountain. He turned off the engine and the silence was immediately filled with the  rushing sound of a nearby waterfall, which oddly, made the place seem less lonely.
"OK, but it'll be hard to find a suitable spot in the dark. We'll need to keep the car lights on while we  work and I'm scared Tony and will we be safe here?" Linda gave  him a worried glance that went straight through him, but he tried to hide the fact that he too hoped they'd stay hidden until they could set off again in the morning. 
Together they fumbled about in the boot of the car, dragging out a small two man tent, which they managed to erect quite easily, only taking  fifteen minutes for them to be sorted and ready for bed .
They didn't bother to blow up the beds  or get changed and just wriggled into their sleeping bags, switched off the small torch and lay there, neither of them expecting to get any sleep after all that had happened to them in the last forty eight hours.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


11th Jan 2018

The prompt for six sentence story today was "wage"

How Much?

How disappointing to find that, even though we women, in England at least, gained the right to vote on the same terms as men as far back as 1928, that in a very real way women are still being overlooked and treated as second class citizens.

We have the right to vote and that's great but the struggle still goes on and  I was surprised to discover a few days ago, there is a very real gap, 18% in fact, between men and women when it comes to the wage they receive for doing the exact same job.

It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever and whilst I was amazed  that this still happens I was amused by what a group of women ( with a few men supporters) did to draw awareness to this injustice.

They came up with a cunning plan and taking over a bar for an afternoon proceeded to charge what they called a man tax, justifying a surcharge on orders for men only of 18%, with the explanation that this was only fair as they had already had the extra money in their wage packet.

It caused some uproar and lots of hilarity, but the message mostly got home, with many men being happy to come on board for the sake of the publicity, while others however refused to pay up .

These last did not get off lightly though, as the hidden cameras show that the waitresses  deducted from their order what they considered to be about 18% and so,some men had part of their drink or meal removed and of course, were not at all happy - so funny to watch  and such a good way to get the point across.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


6th Jan 2018

Today folks I'm joining in with the Ten Things of Thankful brigade. If you want to do this too just put it into google and away you go. Then link up to share with the others.
The idea is to look back over the last week and find ten things that you can be thankful for .

So, let's make a start:

1 Firstly I feel so blessed to have a wonderful family - yes, there's a lot of us but I love each and every one enormously and am so very proud of them. 
2 In particular I am thankful for my darling husband of forty five years who is such a treasure . Always there for me or any of our loved ones. 
3 I am thankful that I live by the sea. I went out twice this week for walks with my gorgeous daughter.
4 I am thankful that I got three new writing journals for Christmas - that'll keep me going. 
5 I'm thankful that I got to a writing for wellbeing workshop yesterday - it always inspires me, hence...
6 I am thankful for having some time to myself today - not much, but it was needed and valuable.
7 I'm thankful for that radio programme that I got to enjoy - it was totally unexpected.
8 I am thankful that, although I've put on a few pounds over the Christmas time, I couldstill get into that dress i wanted to wear today - I did wonder if I would. 
9 I'm thankful for the comments that some lovely people have posted on my blog these last few days - it's always so uplifting to know that somebody is reading the rubbish I write.
10 I'm thankful for my friends  - whom I love and must try to see more often 

Well, that just dribbled out .
Now it's your turn.
It does make you think .
It also makes you realise that there are so many things that are good in your life.

Friday, January 5, 2018

The twelfth Night

5th Jan 2018

Happy Christmas all . Nice to be able to still say it...

The Epiphany

Not everyone will agree with me but I take today as the twelfth day of Christmas and therefore as tonight the twelfth night and the Eve of the Epiphany.
Some people think that tomorrow is the twelfth day.
It all depends from which day you start the counting. If Christmas day is day one or if day one is the first day after 25th.
Anyway, I , along with some others begin on the day itself , which makes today, 5th Jan, the twelfth day .
And tomorrow will be the celebration of the coming of the Wise Men to visit Jesus , Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and end the Christmas season , although I keep the crib up until 2nd 0f Feb which is the Feast of the Presentation - the last time the babe is mentioned in the Gospels.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Eleventh Day

4th Jan 2018

Joining the six sentence challenge today x

celebrating Christmas.

The Eleventh Day

The eleventh day of Christmas
I look at the sad limp tree
And wonder should I take it out
now,- convenient for me
Lights off, branches droop 
Reach to the floor now
decorations hang precariously
how do they stay there, how?
But then I start to look anew
And see the love behind
the beauty that it gave us
And so I change my mind
I'll leave it for a few more days
till the kings have come to call
I'll put the lights on later too
To give cheer to one and all.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Lost In Autumn

18th Dec 2017

Lost In Autumn

Born in springtime,
 mama tree pushed you out 
a brand new bud.
delicate baby leaf on bare branch,
 you unfurled - sweet, green promise. 
Life water and nutrients absorbed
 from the blood of ancestors fed you
 roots into times unknown 
you, in turn, produced sugar sap
 nourishment for your tree.
In the rays of the sun,
you opened up,
 played , danced
 through the summer 
of your life, 
strong veins forming
 your  particular leaf shape -
individual to you.
Pleasure and hope you  gifted 
 to those who came by your wood
 in those fruitful long days, 
many drank in your colour, your light 
went away refreshed, replenished
you, only being yourself,
 unaware how much your warmth 
 touched so many.
It was  your time, your season - 
with others you wove
  a soft tapestry of wonder,
waving from your branch ,
 bestowing  your magic on all
 who would see.
So,  when the cold came
 and your green started to fade
Your sparkle diminishing 
 it was hard to take.
Signs of yellowing
 took us by surprise,
 halted us in our tracks.
With  shortening days,
 orange specks appeared 
 and the  weakening began
 your edges getting brittle , 
 other leaves falling
dropping  to the ground 
all around you. 
 it was your turn,
 you let go ,
 fluttered to the earth,

you died in the autumn 
as it was right that you should,
 but it was hard.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Feast of St Nicolas

6th Dec 2017

Aren't the days moving swiftly through December ??? We'll be in January before we know it and Christmas will be just another one of the many that we've celebrated over the years.

I want to share two blogs with you. I hope you take the time to look at them as I think they are wonderful. They are by two of my daughters, one of whom says that I am biased. Well, of course I am, but that doesn't take away from the fact that there is some great  content there.

They write very differently ... well, you will see:


I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know what you think. Or, better still, leave a comment on their blogs.

Now, I'd like to tell you another story about a homeless man. The weather has been bitter these last couple of weeks, the nights being particularly icy. It was on one such night , last week, when the temperature was below 6 degrees c that a homeless man died on the streets in Birmingham . So, so sad...

But that is not my story. My story starts last Saturday morning in Oxford.

We turned up early for our grandaughter's confirmation at the Oratory, and,  passing a man sat at the gate, walked through to the big doors at the entrance where we got talking to a very jolly chap who was waiting to talk to the priest. It turned out he was going to be getting married later that day. I left my husband talking to him while I went into the church.
When I came out hubby was with the man at the gate chatting away.

I felt a bit awkward as I always do with homeless people . You know, not quite knowing what to do.
Anyway I was dragged into the  conversation which was about homeless shelters. This tall man, who was standing now, his long, tangled, matted hair falling over his shoulders ( a Billy Connolly look alike),  told us that they charged for them and he didn't usually have the money to stay in one . Well, I thought, what homeless person would, living hand to mouth on the road and all that.

Then he and my husband proceeded to tell me of the good fortune which befell him while I was in the church. How the chap getting married that day had asked him what size shoes he wore - unfortunately his feet were two sizes too big -and then what size waist he was. Ahh , better luck there.  And what about corduroy, did he like brown corduroy. Of course he did . Reaching in his holdall bag,  the  "soon to be married" took out a smart pair of trousers and feeling in the pocket found a ten pound note. "It's your lucky day," he said beaming and handing him both the trousers and the money.
As the man of the road told  me this tale , he also had a huge smile on his face.
At this point I took his hand in mine to see how cold he was. He was cold...

"Give him my gloves,"  said my husband . He had let me borrow his gloves earlier . I feel the cold more than he does.
And of course your man  was delighted to get the gloves too.

He wasn't there when we came out after the service and I just hope that he is still doing OK and that he will survive through the winter.